Keto - Cheesy Nacho
Keto - Cheesy Nacho
Keto - Cheesy Nacho

Keto - Cheesy Nacho

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     Keto Cheesy Crunchy Nacho, made from almond, chia seeds, and cheese is high in protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Most importantly, it is very delicious! ( 60g )

     Highly beneficial to your brain and body. Some of the benefits are: nourishing the bones to be stronger and your skin to be radiant and beautiful, repairing body tissues, promoting metabolism, helping in detoxification, and preventing constipation.


Diabetes-friendly, Halal-friendly

The Nacho formula is much more fragile than regular ones due to lack of flour, stabilizers, sugar, etc. So it will tend to break easily. 

Due to No Preservatives and Natural Ingredients, Shelf life will be 1-3 months.

Product imported from Thailand
▪️ FDA Thailand approved