The girl who loves chocolate….🍫

       We are launching a series of blog interviews with our valued customers to share their experiences and journeys towards a better health and body. They can be someone who just started on their healthy regime or someone who has been regularly workout, everyday people or someone who is fit. It is never too late to start. Getting a perfect body is never an easy journey. Everyone has different lifestyles and body types, hence you should experiment more to find out what is working for you. We believe by sharing more success stories of our customers will get you more inspired and motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals this year. You can achieve what you want if you never give up and persist on.🤍  

Here is our interview with KT.

Name: KT

Age: 34
Occupation: Trade support

Low-Kcal: Hello KT! Thank you for your time doing an interview with us and being our wonderful customer. 

We are interested to find out how to have a wonderful body like yours? What is your fitness routine like?

KT : Thank you for the kind words; I try to improve in my own terms day by day. I strive to work out 30 to 60 minutes; 3 to 5 days per week. When I am at home, I like to follow along with YouTube HIIT workout videos. When I train at gym, I focus on improving strength.

Low-Kcal: We heard about different types of diet plans that people are practicing to either maintain or lose their weight. Are you on any diet plan such as Intermittent fasting, Keto, Low carb, etc? How do you plan for your meals such as timings and what to eat?

KT : I have been on intermittent fasting (IF) before I knew the term. Breakfast is rarely my ritual and I am lazy to time/plan my meals throughout the day. I usually break-fast after 5pm/6pm and stop eating by 8pm/9pm on most weekdays; I start eating earlier around 2pm/3pm on weekends. I have always liked drinking zero/ultra low-calorie drinks e.g. water, straight tea, sparkling water, selected kombucha, selected vinegar etc. I guess this makes IF a natural for me. I enjoy eating my favourite foods e.g. eggs, 2or3-ingredient dark (>80%) chocolates and ice cream as my meals, along with prawns and fruits. IF is a convenience to me. Labels like keto, low carb, low fat, high protein, gluten free etc. are there to attract my attention to consider the food in case. Nonetheless, my mood of the day dictates the most.

Low-Kcal: We love to snack and chocolate is the love of our life. We noticed from your social media posts that you also love them too. How do you choose what to eat without ignoring your sweet tooth? Do you limit the number of times to eat them each week or do you have a cheat day?

KT : I love bean-to-bar dark chocolate made from 2 to 3 ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter. I gravitate to 80% and above dark chocolate. I will eat dark chocolate as part of my meals along with eggs, ice cream, prawns and fruits, depending on mood of the day.

Low-Kcal: How long do you take to achieve your current body shape? Any pain points that you encountered during the journey?

KT : I started working out more at home since circuit breaker. I noticed the positive effects after about 3 months. I do have lazy days (PMS) but I will still try to work out because the aftereffects (endorphins) are so rewarding.

Low-Kcal: Any tips or tricks that you would like to share with us?

KT : I am always exploring lifestyle in my own terms as long as I am happy. Any diet will work if there is sustainable calorie deficit and everyone is unique in their own ways re body composition, lifestyle, diet, fitness etc. I do read nutrition facts labels, but I focus mainly on calorie per serving for feel. I personally think it is a pain to track every calorie that I put in mouth, plainly because I will not be happy so I would rather not eat. For fitness, I strive to be consistent and do those workouts that I hate to be better in general.

Thank you, KT for sharing her wonderful story with us !

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